Accommodation – Birnham Place

Birnham Place is a large detached dwelling house with extensive gardens offering a safe, warm and comfortable environment for up to six children/young people with emotional and or behavioural difficulties of either sex, between the ages of 5 to 11 years on admission. There are two shared shower rooms and a separate bathroom with bath. There are six bedrooms tastefully fitted with wardrobes, drawers and desks with a tv/dvd player. There are several local schools and is ideally situated for all local amenities. There are good bus and transport links giving access to a wide range of cultural amenities in the city. Several sports facilities are nearby, which include a swimming pool, cricket club, a park with tennis courts and a local sports centre. Adjacent to the house is a town moor with pedestrian access where children can fly kites and around the corner there is a small playing field with a football pitch.

Admissions Procedure

Effective child and young person centered admission procedures, which clearly identify a purpose for the placement reduces the tendency for children/young people to drift. It provides an opportunity for children/young people to change through collaboration and mutual respect and will assist them in re-establishing themselves in the wider community. Since we aim to maintain a balance at all times, the acceptance of a child/young person for placement will be determined following careful assessment and discussion between the management and staff team as a whole. The perceived ability of a child/young person to integrate into the existing group will be considered and evaluated via the perceived impact that the admission may have on the existing children/young people living within the home.

Once admitted our clinician will draw together an initial assessment of the young person based on historical evidence (past reports etc), on face to face meetings with the young person, consultation with the care team, social worker and where appropriate the parents, this typically takes twelve weeks. After twelve weeks our clinician will have developed a Therapeutic Treatment Plan, this plan will inform the practice of the team. The Therapeutic Treatment Plan will be reviewed every three months by the clinician with the care team. The review will consider the success or otherwise of current agreed approaches and make changes to the plan where necessary.

Our clinician will sign off any initial risk assessments and behavior managements plans, thereby ensuring consistency of practice by the care team.

Management and Staff Structure
Registered Manager

Our Registered Manager whilst in principal will work 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, is nevertheless flexible and is always accessible whenever required. The Registered manager has vast managerial experience and works therapeutically in her practice.

Deputy Manager

We have a Deputy manager whom works alongside the Registered Manager ensuring our staffing team have guidance and support throughout the day. The Deputy Manager is flexible in their working hours and will support the home during the week and weekends. 

Residential Childcare Worker

Right Trak has a team of Senior Therapeutic Parents and Therapeutic Parents.

As a team the staff ensure that the needs of the children and young people are met on a day to day basis and that the correct support is there when needed even if its just helping them complete homework, help tidy their bedroom, enjoy activities together or as company whilst watching the TV and chilling.

Each Child or Young Person has a designated Key worker as explained below.

Our programme comprises of a 4-week rolling rota which ensures that there is a minimum of four staff, excluding the registered manager, on duty at all times. Shifts are 17.5 hours long starting at 10am sleep in from 12am to 7am finishing at 10.30am the following day. In addition a further residential childcare worker is on shift from 10am till 10pm. A residential childcare support worker provides waking night cover alongside the sleep in worker. Where there is a high level of risk associated with individual young people a third member of staff will be required to undertake waking night duty. Where this is required, starting and finishing times will be arranged according to the need. As far as practicable there will always be a senior member of staff on duty. Staff always have access to a senior member of staff for support both day and night via an on call system.

Pool Staff

Right-Trak has their own pool of care staff to enhance the permanent team and ensure adequate arrangements for sickness and absence. This will ensure staffing levels are able to be increased where circumstances require this in order to safeguard and promote the welfare of each individual young person. There may be circumstances where there will be lone working e.g. where staff are supporting a young person in education or attending appointments etc. In these circumstances staff will never be solely in charge of more than one young person and a risk assessment will be in place, identifying any likely risks to the young person, staff and members of the public. This will demonstrate that there is no unacceptable level of risk in the arrangement.

Key Working

A key working system will be incorporated into systems of working as good practice. All individual work carried out will be focused upon meeting all aspects of the ‘every child matters’ agenda, with reference to the five outcomes as bench marks for all practice. This will be achieved in an imaginative, holistic and inclusive manner, where the children/young people receiving care services are active participants within the planning, provision and evaluation of activities within the home and the wider community as a whole. The allocated key worker will ensure consistent care and development for each child/young person. Regular one to one sessions will be available to each child/young person, these sessions will enable the child/young person to have an active input into the development of his/her individual care plans, and decision making processes and general systems within the home.


We use researched and evidenced based practice models, underpinned by a staff team who are supported/supervised by a Clinical Psychologist. Our vision for our young people is that they receive expert support in a stable placement where residential care is a positive choice, enabling them to move forward from a ‘stuck’ position. We want our young people to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.


Right-Trak Ltd is an organization which formed in 2006 to provide services for children and young people with emotional and/or behaviour difficulties. We have 2 six bedroom children’s homes just outside the City Centre.

Company Address

Right Trak Ltd
C/O Winnovation Training
Houghtons Yard
Shields Road
Byker, NE6 2YP